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Ramanand Sagar was born on 29th December, 1917 at Asal - Guru - Ke near Lahore. His Great Grandfather, Lala Shankar Das Chopra, migrated from Peshawar to Kashmir, who by his own strength became the ‘Nagar Shet’ of Kashmiri Chopras. His grandfather was Lala Ganga Ram who established his own trade in 1867 in Srinagar. His father, Lala Dinanath Chopra, used to enjoy writing poetry mainly for personal satisfaction under the nom de plume “Taj Peshawari”. Although he hailed from one of the most aristocratic and wealthiest families of the region, he was adopted by his childless maternal grandmother. Although his original name was “Chandramauli” given by his Kulpurohit, he was named Ramanand by his adopted family. But he missed his real parents love and his childhood was filled with agony and sufferings which was probably the reason for all his future creations which were filled with emotions.

The beginning 1933
First recorded work at the age of 16, wrote an exceptionally mature piece of prose-poetry titled “Pritam Pratiksha” (The wait for the beloved) for ‘Shri Pratap College Magazine’ Srinagar - Kashmir. The editor was impressed but, in disbelief, he wrote: “The editor is not responsible for its originality”. Struggling for a living, he worked as a peon, truck cleaner, soap vendor, gold smith apprentice etc during the day and studied for his degree at night.

1933 - 42

He got a Gold Medal in Sanskrit and a Gold Medal in Persian from University of Punjab in 1942. From Reporter to Sub-Editor of “Daily Milap” and “Daily Pratap” in Lahore, he rose to be the News Editor for “Daily Milap”. In a span of 12 years, Ramanand Sagar wrote 32 short stories and long- short stories, one novel, two serialized stories and a stage play. He was also hailed as a satirist in prose and poetry. He wrote under the nom de plume “Ramanand Chopra”, later known as “Ramanand Bedi” after being adopted by his maternal grand father. Some of his work appeared under “Ramanand Kashmiri” also but finally the fame and fortune were destined for the name “Ramanand Sagar”.

In 1942 as a T.B. patient fighting with death in a sanatorium in Tangmargh, he fought with grit and indomitable will with death. And it was there that he wrote a subjective column “Diary of a T.B. patient” serialized in “Adab-e-Mashriq”, a highly rated magazine in the 40’s. It caught the fancy of the literary world including the famous Krishen Chander and won him wide acclaim instantly. Escaping from the jaws of death fully recuperated he returned as a famous writer to Lahore.

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