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“… It has set the Saryu on fire. Why only the Saryu, the Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri, even the mythical Saraswati, appear to be affected.
Undoubtedly, “Ramayan” is a block-buster in the history of Indian television. On August 1, a crowd over 40,000 waited patiently outside Jaipur’s Birla Mandir to have a glimpse of Rama(Arun Govil) and Sita(Dipika) who were due to grace the shrine. Even ministers jostled with mesmerized fans for a “darshan”. In Chandigrah, guests at a wedding ceremony were kept waiting as the bride failed to arrive at the “mandap” at the appointed hour. Inquiries revealed that she had refused to get married till the day’s episode on television was over.
Whether it is Ahemdabad or Patna, Chandigrah or Jaipur, a large number of viewer’s, especially womens, regard the serial as their main method of communion with God. Consequently, many bathe early and light sticks of incense or earthen lamps while the serial is telecast….”
The Times of India, Bombay
… Ramayan is a modern day miracle…
Screen - Bombay

The “RAMAYAN’ narrates the life and times of Shri Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is the first ever Ramayan Mythological to be made.

The Ramayan tells the saga of Lord Rama’s incarnation. Devtas pray to Lord Vishnu that with the yagya King Dashrath should be blessed by a son and then Rama is born. His childhood and fundamental education is imparted in Gurukul. After completion of his education, Rama returns to Ayodhya and Rama accompanies Vishwamitra and slays Tadaka. Vishwamitra then bestows divine weapons on to Him and Rama and Lakshman proceed to Mithila. In Sita's Swayamvar, Rama breaks the Shiva Dhanush and Sita garlands Rama. Janak sends this message to Dashrath and then the four brothers are married to the four daughters of Janak and his brother. The four daughter-in - laws are welcomed into Ayodhya. King Dashrath decides to appoint Rama as his heir. Manthara provokes Kaikayee and she asks for two promises from Dashrath. Bharat is hailed as the future king and Rama is sent into exile to the forest for fourteen years. Dashrath relents for his promise to Kaikayee where Sita and Lakshman also accompany Him. Shri Rama and Lakshman come to Valmiki’s ashram, build a hut in Chitrakoot and stay there where Dashrath dies. Bharat develops a hatred for his mother Kaikeyee and so he decides to crown Shri Rama in the forest and return with him. Bharat arrives in the forest and returns to Ayodhya with Rama’s paduka and installs it on the throne of Ayodhya. Rama, Lakshman and Sita are living in Panchvati where Ravan kidnaps Sita. In the forest Rama and Sugriv become friends. Hanuman recognizes Rama and Bali is killed by Rama. Sita is in Ashok Vatika. Hanuman appears in front of her and ravages Ashok Vatika. He returns after meeting Sita and conveys her message to Rama. Shri Rama wonders how to cross the sea. Nal and Neel with the help of others construct a bridge because of which Rama crosses the bridge along with the Vaanar sena. A fierce battle is fought between Rama and Ravan. Shri Rama kills Ravan with Brahmastra and Shri Rama along with others leaves in the Pushpak Viman. Ayodhya rejoices.

 Year of telecast:
The greatest Indian Epic “RAMAYAN” a 78 episode serial was first telecast in 1987 on Doordarshan. It was telecasted in 5 continents:
North America South America Europe

New York Tristate – 31 WYNC (N.J. + N.Y. + Cincinate)
Chicago – Chitrahar Channel 26
Toronto – Channel 57
Vancouver – Channel 28/32
Trinidad – CCN6
British Guyana – WRHM/VGTV
Surinam – Surinamese TV
U.K. – London Cable – Cable Tel (Ladbrokes)
C. Net – London (Sky Satelite)
Asia Africa
Singapore – Singapore Broadcasting Corporation
  Thailand (Bangkok) – Channel 3
Indonesia (Jakarta) – P.T. Cipta Television
Sri Lanka – Teleshan Network (Twice)
Nepal – Nepal TV
Nepal – TV Live (in Nepalese)
Malaysia – Measat
Bali – Bali TV
South Africa – Johannesburg – M. Net (Twice)
South Africa – Johannesburg – East Net
Kenya – Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
Mauritius – Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (Twice)
S.A.B.C. – South African Broadcasting Corporation
Networks around the globe telecaste stories on Ramayan – Shri Ramanand Sagar and the Sagar family included B.B.C., C.N.N., German TV, NHK Japan, Arte France,
Netherland TV, Norwegian TV

TV Interviews & Documentaries
Ramanand Sagar & Ramayan
Across the world
  • B.B.C. – London –
    (Power of the Soap No. 1 rated TV Serial)
  • C.N.N. – USA
  • N.H.K. – Japan
  • ARTE – France
  • Abdul Rahman film maked – Holland
  • NORWEGIAN Broadcasting Corporation
  • German Television Network -

 Direction and casting:
Ramayan was produced under the banner of “Sagar enterprises” by Ramanand Sagar, Subhash Sagar and Prem Sagar and directed by Ramanand Sagar, Anand Sagar and Moti Sagar.
The role of Ram was played by Arun Govil, Sita by Deepika and Lakshman by Sunil Lahiri, Darasingh played the role of Hanuman.

Some of the important:

  • Raj Kapoor Award for Life Time Achievement
  • By Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Life Time Achievement Award
  • By Govt. of Punjab
  • National Citizens Award
  • Popular TV. Serial
  • By H.E. Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma – President of India
  • Rattna Shiromani Award
  • Ramanand Sagar
  • By H.E Giani Zail Singh – President of India
  • Valmiki Award
  • Academy of Kathak Dance – Bangalore
  • Doordarshan Kalakar Puraskar
  • Great Television Performances
  • Best T.V Serial – Ramayan
  • The Uptron Award – Lucknow
  • Man of the Year Award Ramanand Sagar
  • Junior Chamber Marine Lines – Bombay
  • Kala Bhushan Award
  • Punjabi Kala Sangam – N.Delhi
  • Cine Goers Association
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  • Kala – Shree Award
  • Contribution to the cause of Art and Culture
  • Rotary Club of Bombay – Mid Town
  • India’s Most Popular T.V. Serial
  • Lions Award
  • Best T.V Serial of the Millennium Lions Club of Chembur Ramayan.
  • Lions Club of Chembur
  • Lalit Kala Puraskar
  • Manas Sangam Kanpur – U.P.
  • Hero Honda and Indian Television Academy Award Mumbai
  • Kalyug Valimki
  • Ramanand Sagar
  • Video boom Award
  • Shirmomani Hindustan Rattan Award
  • Padam Shri Dr. Ramanand Sagar – D.Lit
  • By Shaheed Memorial Sewa Society – Ludhiana
  • Udyog Jyoti Puraskar
  • Institute of Industrial Development
  • “Braj Shri” Puraskar
  • Shri Braj Mandal, Mumbai
  • The Millennium Award
  • Zoroastrian Flag of Friendliness and Brotherhood
  • Sindhu Ratna Ramanand Sagar
  • Andheri Sindhi Panchayat

Felicitations – National:
  • All India Mayors’ Conference
  • By Bombay Citizens Committee
  • Marwari Sammelan Birla Matoshri, Bombay
  • Vile Parle Kelawani Mandal Bombay
  • Jhulelal Award All India Sindhi Panchayat Association
  • Giants International Award
  • In recognitions of remarkable Achievements
  • The Film Writers Association
  • Dedicated and selfless services rendered
  • Yuva Kumbh Shimharath
  • Banjrangdal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad

  • Saraswati Ratnabhishek
  • Rashtra Gaurav Saman Samaroh
  • Samart Shiksha Samati – Delhi
  • Dharmabushan
  • Akil Bharthiya Sanatan Dharma Pratinidhi Samelan
New Delhi

  • Sarvesh Maitri
  • Bharatiya Jain Milan – Delhi
  • Vijay Rattna – Award
  • Enriching Human Life and Out Standing Attainments
  • International Friendship Society of India
  • “Suramya” Felicitation
  • By former President of India Shri R. Venkataram

  • Citizens of Ludhiana
  • Millennium Great Personality of India

  • Indore Nagar Palika

  • Shree Digamber Jain Trust
  • Ramanand Sagar – Howrah
  • Felicitations – Rotary International District
  • Man of the Year Award

Felicitations – Rotary International District:
  • “Maharashtra Ratna”
  • Outstanding contribution to Indian Cinema Industry
  • Maharashtra Kala Niketan
IMPAA Trophy
  • Outstanding contribution to Indian Film Industry
  • Indian Motion Picture Producers Association
  • Crusader of Ancient Indian Culture
  • Indira Ghansham Mirchandani Service Centre

  • Promoting the Ancient Indian Wisdom, Systems and practices for the benefit of the Mankind.
  • Bharat Nirman
  • Mystique India
  • Spiritual Renaissance Conference
  • “Great Son of Punjab”
  • Padamashri Ramanand Sagar
  • Bhawnakla Mandir
  • “The Great Son of the Soil” Millennium Award XIXth National All India Conference of Intellectuals
  • Contribution to TV.

  • TV and Video World Award
  • Fame Communications and Sterling Newspaper Ltd.
  • Outstanding Citizen Award 1996
  • Enriching Human life, Outstanding Attainments
  • Appreciation in the chosen field of Activity
  • International Peace and Goodwill Foundation
  • Bharat Vikas Parishad – Varanasi
  • “Shri Tulsi Samman”
  • Tulsi Janamaboomi Surkerkat Vikas Samiti

  • Pradesh Vishwa Hindu – Parishad Convention
  • Alandi Devachi – Pune
  • Vishal Hindu Sammelan

  • Press Club of Kerela
  • Millennium Great Personality of India

  • Indore Nagar Palika

Citations :
  • Shree Ram Darbar
  • 125th Suswarnim Varsh
  • Ramlila Bhavan, Kanpur
  • Ramanand Sagar – for his Seminal Contribution to creative, Visual Productions, Popularizing and rekindling interest in our Great Epic
  • Dr. Pinnamaneni and Smt. Seethadevi – Foundation Vijay Wada

  • “Himalaya Ratna”
  • Ratna Samman Samroh
  • Nagrik Parishad, Dehradun

  • Heritage of Punjab
  • Punjab Arts Council, Chandigarh

  • “Yug Valmiki”
  • Akil Bharat Jagannath Chetana Sansad
  • Jagannath Dhampuri – Cuttack

  • Meritorious contributions
  • In the Field of Film, Arts and Literature Award
    Sahir Award

Felicitations - International :
  • Viswa Hindu Parishad of America
  • Global Vision 2000 Festival
  • Centenary of Swami Vivekananda’s Historic Chicago
  • Address, recognizes the outstanding contribution made by Ramanand Sagar through his superb creation of the Most Popular T.V Serial “Ramayana”
  • Rajasthan Parisad of America
  • Plague – Hon’ble Shri Ramanand Sagar
  • In Honour and Appreciation of his Great Contribution to Humanity by Making the Classic Epic Ramayana for T.V.
  • International Punjab Society Award
    Ramanand Sagar
  • Wiltren Theatre, Hollywood – On the Stupendous Global Success of the TV Serial “Ramayan”
  • Felicitated by MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI – Vedantic
  • University – Holland
  • Felicitated by the President of West Indies at Diwali Mela celebrations – Trinidad
  • Felicitation by Sounds of Asia – Toronto Channel 47 with Telecast of Ramayan
  • Felicitation by Govt. of Mauritius Hon’ble Prime Minister
    Mr. Jagannath

Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Honours
Devoted Services to Indian Film Industry as a writer
Decorated with PADAMASHRI by President of India DOCTOR OF LITERATURE (D.Lit.)
(Honors Causa by Jammu University)
Hindi Sahitya Sammelan (Prayag) Allahabad

56 Events that Changed India
India Today • August 18th 2003

Ramayan in January 1986. After the Sagars' discovered Arun Govil’s beatific smile and the power pf tele visual religion, Sunday mornings were never the same again. Nor was India, with Sagar’s miracle – a – minute amakgam of 14 different versions of Valmiki’s epic keeping pace with an aggressive and unapologetic Hundutva that swept the nation

Order of the People’s National Award - ‘Best television serial of the year 1987’
Ramayan created unprecedented records. It blazed new trails all over the world with a unique distinction of achieving something which even prophets, scholars, great thinkers, religious leaders, social reformers and politicians could not achieve in centuries. Ramayan has been registered in the Limca Book of Records. As per BBC figures, the serial has been watched by over 650 million people worldwide of which, 40 million Indian viewers regularly watched it on its first telecast.
As a soothing spiritual balm – The entire Nation stopped ….. Turned … and looked back with pride at our culture, our traditions and heritage of pure ethics and hallowed principles – RAMAYAN championed the victory of good over evil and boasted of noble virtues. The serial was portrayed in a most aesthetic manner and carried a lot of devotional value for the Indian viewer. Such was the phenomenon of Ramayan that often during the telecasts the streets always wore a deserted look.
The message of “Ramayan” cut across all the barriers of caste, creed, language and political boundaries. The euphoria that “RAMAYAN” created and documented by the media during its telecast, it itself is a legend.

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan
Is a modern day miracle

Ramanand Sagar’s mega epic TV Serial “RAMAYAN”, when first telecasted in 1987, created unprecedented records. It blazed new trails all over the world with a unique distinction of achieving something which even prophets, scholars, great thinkers, religious leaders, social reformers and politicians could not achieve in centuries.
The message of “Ramayan” cut across all the barriers of caste, creed, language and political boundaries. The euphoria that “RAMAYAN” created and documented by the media during its telecast, is itself a legend.
Media Documentation
  • During that sacred three quarters of an hour, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the largest Indian State, refused to take any telephone calls.
  • In Jammu and Kashmir, angry viewers attacked a power station when electricity cuts disrupted the telecast.
  • A lawyers’ conference in Patna had to be delayed when its opening coincided with the telecast and nobody turned up.
  • A bride was late for her wedding ceremony in Satara in Maharashtra because she was watching Ramayan.
  • Two ministers turned up one hour late for her swearing- in ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan. They said they were busy watching “Ramayan”.
  • The Bharat Milap scene brought in Bhopal two Muslim brothers on inimical terms, together after having lived separately for ten years. So moved was the elder brother by the serial, that he transported all possessions which were the reason of the split, to the younger brother’s house.
  • In a Ranchi mental asylum, usually rowdy or violent inmates – on Sundays – when they were out in open pelted stones on monkeys sitting on trees in the compound, watched “Ramayan” peacefully. When they saw HANUMANJI performing various tasks for LORD SHRI RAM, their attitude towards monkeys changed. They started leaving food for the animals and even erected a Samadhi for a dead monkey.
  • In Bombay, “Ramayan” even cured a boy of amnesia. After a serious accident, the boy could not remember anything from his past life. Several efforts by his parents and treatments could not revive his memory. One day his sister asked him to see “Ramayan.” A faint recollection of the theme music of the serial triggered off a positive response and the boy soon recovered with subsequent treatment.
  • A funeral procession in Muzaffarnagar was delayed by an hour to enable mourners to watch Ramayan.
  • In Lucknow, distraught patients complained that doctors and nurses had abandoned them while the show was on air.
  • A man died in Karnataka while watching “Ramayana”. The family members attended to him and cremated after the serial got over.
  • Many churches all over India rescheduled their Sunday masses so that church goers can watch the serial.
  • After watching the scene in which Laxman becomes unconscious on being hit by Indrajit’s arrow – NAAGPASH – a wealthy businessman in Madras fell seriously ill and went into coma at the shock of Laxman wounded. The credibility and source of sequence created a great furor, but the Sagar’s stood their ground. But when they received a request from the business man’s doctors’ to help them revive the old man the Sagar unit worked round the clock and prepared a special clipping which they air dashed to Madras. Only after the man saw Laxman reviving back to life in the new clipping – also based on the authentic research – did he recover back to normal life from his coma.
  • A wedding baraat arrived in Lucknow station 9.30 a.m. on Sunday only to find that all the coolies as well as the rickshawallah’s were engrossed seeing the serial. The bride’s parents’ being influential people attempted to lodge a complaint with the station master, only to find him busy watching the serial. Even threats did not get him to budge from his seat before the TV set. Exasperated, they called up a union minister to seek justice, only to be given a terse reply that the minister himself was busy watching the serial and to call up later.
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