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The epic TV serial ‘Shri Krishna’ sings the glory of Lord Krishna and is based on ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran’.

The life of Shri Krishna is not a simple subject since his life-span is spread across the endless ocean of immortality and eternity.

Shri Krishna Bhakti (worship) is embedded in the soul of India since millions of years and HIS image has been nourished by innumerable generations of the common man since immemorial.

Krishna was born in the Dwapar Age (there are four ages according to the Hindu mythology- Krita (Sat), Treta, Dwapar and Kali). Shri Krishna as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna never hid this fact right from his birth and He announces it at every step. Even before his appearance as a just-born child, he shows his godly form to his Mother Devaki in the prison of evil king Kans.

Every time the earth is burdened by evil forces, Lord Vishnu descends onto it in a divine incarnation to save the earth and its residents from these very forces. Thus the main objective of Lord Krishna’s birth was to free Mother Earth from this wickedness of the demons. These are demons that we find in our everyday life as well and not some mythical creatures. These are the demons of the vices of greed and of selfishness.

Lord Krishna is one of the most loved Gods in the Hindu religion. He is popularly depicted with a peacock feather in his hair and a flute (Bansuri) in his hands. Krishna is the most colorful, vibrant and happy gods from the many forms of God that exist in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism or Hindu is a word not mentioned in any ancient text, this word arose from the Arab literature which means the people who live on that side of the Indus River).

As a baby he kills demon queen Putna. As a child in cradle he kills the whirlwind demon Trinavart with a stroke of His tiny feet and as a boy he shows his foster mother Yashoda the entire Universe in his open mouth.

Further he lifts the Govardhan Mountain on a single finger over powering the great Kaliya Nag and then kills the Tyrant King Kans – the invincible.

Sri Krishna received instructions from Sandipani, a Sage of Avantipura. He lived with his teacher like an ordinary student and He was meek, humble and obedient. He mastered sixty-four arts in sixty-four days.

As a teenager, Shri Krishna and his consort Radha performed the Maha Raas – the celestial dance of the cosmos – an allegorical representation of the final union of the Lord with the soul.

As a man, Shri Krishna is the unrivalled warrior participating in the battle of Kurukshetra, here he profound the universal eternal truths through the teachings of Geeta. His teachings on various aspects of human life to Arjun during the epic battle of Mahabharata are eternal and relevant till today. Though Hinduism has many holy books, The Bhagwat Geeta is considered a prime book of importance. On reading the Geeta one realizes about the easiness and the beauty of Hinduism due
to the absence of dogma in the text. The main message of the Geeta is to continue our Karmas (action) and not bother about the fruits of the actions because that is only in God’s hands. By following this philosophy we can be so happy and carefree in life without any stress or tensions.

Four Kinds Of actions: According to Lord Krishna there are four kind of Actions or karma that a human can perform they are, Kamya Karma- Actions performed for selfish gains, Nishiddha Karma- Actions that are forbidden by holy texts and scriptures, Nitya Karma- Actions that must be performed daily and finally Naimittika Karma-Actions that must be performed on certain special occasions. Lord Krishna clearly forbade his devotees to perform the first two kinds of Karmas as they lead to rebirth and laid stress on the performance of the latter too as they help in getting Moksha or Nirvana, in other words, salvation.

Gita is considered to be the epitome of the Indian thought and philosophy. It is the essence of Indian culture and studied till today all over the world. Even today the Gita is a light to all mankind. It has also been translated into many languages; people study and seek to gain peace of mind by following its teachings.

Krishna, all through his life strived to protect Dharma (duty). He practiced whatever He taught all throughout his life. Every incident in his life is a lesson to the world.

Due to the curse of Sage Kanva, when Yadavas fought amongst themselves, then worried Krishna sat under a tree in Bhalka a place near Dwarka. There he was injured with the arrow of the same hunter and left for heavenly abode (Vaikunthdham).
Krishna Avatar is a Sampoorna Avatar, the Lord appearing with all the sixteen Kalas (distinctive marks). The whole world is the manifestation of Lord Krishna and there is nothing in the world except him.

Everyone should serve mankind like Krishna; we should love every man taking him to be Krishna. If we follow this and see God in every being, then there will no strife, no war in the world. There will be only Love and Devotion.

 Year of telecast:
156 episodes of Shri Krishna were telecasted on National network (DD1) in the year 1993. The rest 52 episodes were telecasted on Zee TV in 1999 and once more on Sony TV in 2001.
This serial was also telecasted in Mauritius – Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto- Channel 57, Nepal –Nepal TV, South Africa- M.Net, Indonesia- P.T. Cipta Television , Jakarta- Pendidikan, Italy- Fifth Remini Cinema International Film Festival, London- U.K.- T.V.Asia (Satellite).

 Direction and casting:
Shri Krishna was produced by Ramanand Sagar, Subhash Sagar and Prem Sagar under the banner of “Sagar Enterprises” and directed by Ramanand Sagar, Anand Sagar and Moti Sagar. by Ramanand Sagar, Anand Sagar and Moti Sagar.
The role of young Krishna was played by Swapnil Joshi and grown up Krishna was played by Sarvadaman Bannerji.

Shri Krishna bagged the Uptron Award for the “Best director” in the year 1995.

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